Kelleys Island Ohio
Annual Kayak Poker Paddle
September 15, 2001


This must be the place!

Several members from Bradstreet Sea Kayakers and Columbus Outdoor Pursuits joined us on Kelleys Island for the 17 mile annual paddle around the island which started at the Kelleys Island State Park sand beach.



Poker Paddle registration began Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. with an overcast sky, temperatures in the 60's, and winds out of the east at 5 - 15 mph. Lori Hayes, event coordinator, and Sid Jordon, volunteer at the State Park, are manning the registration table.


Craig Morton our State Park Manager is going over the rules of the paddle with the 38 participants:

- Life jacket a must
- Boat must have Ohio numbers
- Collect a card from each of 5 beaches
- You may come out at any checkpoint
- Only 1 hand per registration
- Paddle ends at 3:00 pm
- Best hand wins!

Check point Beaches:

1 - Marvin Robinson - Himmelblau House
2 - Caroline DeBoard - Lakeshore Landing
3 - Ralph Bonacci - The Inn
4 - Betsie Walcott - West Bay Beach
5 - State Park Beach





And the paddle begins!  The help boat is an 18' tan fishing boat manned by Dr. Bill Myers.


On the north side of the island, the participants continue to launch.

 Remember -       
if you are in trouble wave your hands 
if you pat your head we know you are OK.




Making it around Long Point, the toughest part of the paddle that day with people reporting high waves, the pink gull was a little tired so we stopped at the first check point and watched the others come in for their first card.



Check point # 1:                  
  Marvin and Sela handing out the cards on the beach and in the 68 degree water of Himmelblau House. Marvin, the water looks cold, how are your feet? Sela enjoyed herself and will be back next year to help again.



Marvin finally rolled up his pant legs!

This was a good resting point!


Check point #3:                    

Continuing on the course paddlers pick up a their third card at The Inn's beach. Who feels lucky today?



What a  Group!

And the winners are:
Guillermo Pardo
Herb DelaPorte
Brian Engelbach

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this event a success!



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