Nest With the Birds
  on Kelleys Island

May 12 - 18, 2002

141 Species Seen
27 Warbler Species Seen

Nest with the Birds began on Sunday
at 1:00 pm at North Pond Nature Preserve.
Allison Cusick, led the afternoon wild flower walk.
Hedge Parsley, Juniper Fungus
It had been raining all morning and we finally got a break in the weather..  We did sneak in a few peaks at birds during the walk.
Allison Cusick With the rainy spring, North Pond held water unlike last year.
A few fisherman taking advantage of the rain stopping. Paul Sherwood leading the 4:00 p.m. bird walk on Sunday.
Birding around the Glacial Grooves State Memorial can be rewarding. A beautiful sunset on Mother's Day.
Birding at the end of Woodford Street on the East shore Monday morning. Chestnut-sided Warbler
Indoor program on Ducks. Monday afternoon's  walk along Titus Road.
Did everyone see that Blackburnian? On Tuesday morning we started off with Kevin Metcalf along the east shore.
And this is where we saw the Kirtland's Warbler on May 14, 2002. Kevin listening for the Connecticut Warbler.
Dawn Dugan and Joan Van Offeron with Pat Hayes, Audubon President.  How did they know that Tuesday would have the best bird? We next headed to the North Pond Nature Preserve on Ward Street.
Kevin Metcalf an group on the board walk. Kevin's afternoon program, "How to Become a Better Birder" was held outdoors.
 The afternoon bird walk started at the State Park sandy beach but.... ...we ultimately went back to the east shore, the site of the Kirtland's Warbler, 
Tuesday evening we went to our favorite Woodcock watch location on Monagan Road by Scheele Preserve. We enjoyed many Woodcock flights and saw Nighthawks above the tree line in the air.
The next morning we  birded the sandy beach at the State Park. We got some good looks at a Lake Erie Water Snake.
.The birds were slow Wednesday afternoon but there was plenty of other things to look at. Back on the board walk at the viewing tower overlooking North Pond with Larry Rosche.
The Thursday all day Birdathon required us to visit all of the island treasures. One group visited the ancient shoreline at North Pond Nature Preserve. The shoreline at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History's Long Point Preserve.


Getting a better look at a Common Loon with my spotting scope on the east shore I came very close to a Lake Erie Water Snake. At Himmelblau House we found a Fox Snake.
And the other Birdathon team came across a Black Racer. Team #1 checking out the East Quarry...
...and the Alvar Nature Preserve. A Great Egret made the list.
Birdathon Winners
Gretchen Larson from team #1 for most new species (5) and Lou Gardella from team #2 for most species (97).
At St. Michael's Hall on Chappel Street, here we are ready for the morning bird walk with
Marcus England
Looking for those warblers on the east side of the island, again! The birds were very low again. Marcus showing us where the bird is.
Banding started bright and early at Long Point Saturday morning. Tom Bartlett and banding volunteers.
Tom taking a break. Lori Hayes at the Audubon sales table.
Gently taking a bird out of the mist net. This net was filled with birds!
A banded Magnolia Warbler.
This years Nest With the Birds was a great week of birding tallying 27 warbler species and 141 total  species (see below for the listing)  through Saturday. 

141 Species Seen for the Week

Common Loon

Double-crested Cormorant

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret

Green Heron

Black-crowned Night-Heron

American Bittern

Canada Goose

Wood Duck


Blue-winged Teal

Lesser Scaup

Red-breasted Merganser

Turkey Vulture


Bald Eagle

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Cooper's Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk


Peregrine Falcon

Ring-necked Pheasant



Short-billed Dowitcher

Greater Yellowlegs

Lesser Yellowlegs

Solitary Sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper

Ruddy Turnstone


Ring-billed Gull

Great Black-backed Gull

Herring Gull

Caspian Tern

Common Tern

Forster's Tern

Rock Dove

Mourning Dove

Eastern Screech-Owl

Common Nighthawk

Chimney Swift

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Belted Kingfisher

Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

Northern Flicker

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Willow Flycatcher

Least Flycatcher

Eastern Phoebe

Great Crested Flycatcher

Eastern Kingbird

Purple Martin

Tree Swallow

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Bank Swallow

Cliff Swallow

Barn Swallow

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Cedar Waxwing

Carolina Wren

House Wren

Gray Catbird

Northern Mockingbird

Brown Thrasher

Eastern Bluebird


Gray-cheeked Thrush

Swainson's Thrush

Hermit Thrush

Wood Thrush

American Robin

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Black-capped Chickadee

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Blue Jay

American Crow

European Starling

White-eyed Vireo

Yellow-throated Vireo

Blue-headed Vireo

Warbling Vireo

Philadelphia Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo

Blue-winged Warbler

Golden-winged Warbler

Tennessee Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler

Nashville Warbler

Northern Parula

Yellow Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Magnolia Warbler

Cape May Warbler

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler

Kirtland's Warbler

Palm Warbler

Bay-breasted Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler

Black-and-white Warbler

American Redstart


Northern Waterthrush

Connecticut Warbler

Mourning Warbler

Common Yellowthroat

Wilson's Warbler

Canada Warbler

Scarlet Tanager

Eastern Towhee

Chipping Sparrow

Clay-colored Sparrow

Field Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Lincoln's Sparrow

Swamp Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow

Northern Cardinal

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Indigo Bunting


Red-winged Blackbird

Common Grackle

Brown-headed Cowbird

Baltimore Oriole

Orchard Oriole

Purple Finch

House Finch

Pine Siskin

American Goldfinch

House Sparrow




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